Bi Home Shop is a homeware and lifestyle brand created by Sheila Man, Argentinian born founder of Bali Interiors

Bi Home Shop thrives to bring a fusion of island life and sophistication through Bali decor items to your home. We provide slow paced homewares that have been carefully curated, designed by our team and handmade by Indonesian craftsmen and artisans.

We use the highest quality fabrics and whenever possible we choose hand-woven and plant-dyed textiles. Due to the use of sustainable materials and the production process of handmade art, each item is one-of-a-kind and available in a very limited edition only. The perfect high-quality accessories for your home.

Sheila gets inspiration from various places she has captured over the past 6 years living in the island as a photographer and stylist for Bali Interiors. "Bali moves me daily with its beautiful landscapes, homes, people and traditions. This inspirits me to bring the feeling into your home with mindfully and sustainably sourced Bali home decor items".