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Degrade Cotton Throw



The hand woven and plant dyed Degrade Cotton Throw comes in 3 different colours to blend perfectly into your interior or give a little coloured touch to it. Small fringing at the ends give a little extra style to this beautiful throw. 
The recycled cotton is super soft for the best feeling and comfort, no chemicals have been used to dye the fabric. 

Every throw is unique, due to its hand made and plant dyed nature, small differences can occur. 

How to Style

Use it as a cover for your bed or couch, as decoration in your living room or a light blanket. 



120cm x 240cm

Care Recommendations 


This cotton throw is made out of recycled cotton, hand woven and plant dyed. Therefore we suggest to spot clean it with a soft sponge and dry clean only. Wipe off any dirt or water spills as soon as they occur to prevent stains.


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